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Join Paddle West and try your hand at canoeing this Easter!

Paddle West will be hiring canoes for 30 minute sessions from the top of the slipway at Milford Marina (weather permitting).

The canoes comfortably take 2 adults and have a 3rd seat in the middle for carrying smaller passengers. Paddle West staff will have final say over boat loading at the water side.

The sessions are not instructed but there will always be qualified and experienced canoe staff on hand to keep you safe and give any advice that might be needed. Buoyancy aids are provided for all canoeists.

Canoes must be hired by an adult and there must be an adult who will go out on the water. Our smallest buoyancy aids fit children down to 15kg, so most toddlers are fine to go out in the boats with parents.

The canoes are very stable but we do advise to bring a change of clothes just in case!

For further information, please call 01646 696360.


£8 per canoe

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