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This historically rich town sits at the “mouth of the two Rivers Cleddau” – from the Welsh word Aberdaugleddau.

In William Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline, Imogen reads: “Tell me how Wales was made so happy to inherit such a haven?”

Well, this is how…

Milford Haven has been a port since the Middle Ages and over the years it has seen invaders, pirates, crusaders, kings, sea merchants and global energy leaders in its history!

After the Vikings, whose presence was marked by King Hubba (his name led to the naming of the present day Hubberston (a minute’s drive from here) came the Normans, Henry I and Henry VII. The latter was born in 1457 in Pembroke Castle.

In 1970 Sir William Hamilton, a rich landowner and diplomat, applied to Parliament to develop Milford as a town and harbour in the same year the Act was passed. He appointed his nephew Charles Greville to carry out the task. He had inherited the land from his first wife Catherine. Both are buried in the Slebech Old Church!

In 1793 Sir William invited 7 Quaker whaling families from Nantucket USA to settle in Milford to develop the whaling industry. In those days whale oil was in high demand for street lighting. The first family to arrive were the Starbucks – you will recognise the name!!!

Subsequently the Navy Board was invited to create a dockyard for building warships! During WW2 American Troops were based in Milford and the operations practised in surrounding areas then led to the successful D-Day landings as the beaches mimicked conditions of those in Normandy.

After, the Esso Company completed work in 1960 this was followed by the creation of one of the largest terminals of LNG in the world [South Hook LNG].

Milford has come a long way…. Visit the Milford Museum and enjoy and absorb the fascinating history of “Thou Blessed Milford!"

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Drawing of Milford Waterfront by Milford Haven student

Heritage walking trail partners

These stories have been researched and written by the pupils of Milford Haven School, who have used their creativity to tell the stories of Milford Haven’s history in their own words.

Discover Milford Haven's history

The tide has brought invaders, crusaders, would-be kings, sea merchants, admirals, pirates and global energy leaders, up the Cleddau estuary to the safe haven of Milford. They’ve all played a part in our extraordinary story.

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