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Milford Haven is the UK’s largest energy port, capable of delivering 30% of the UK gas demand. Starting in 1960 when Esso completed work on the first oil refinery on the Milford Haven Waterway, the advantages of its location and deep water soon saw other oil refineries emerge on our shores. Many of the local residents who had been involved in the fishing industry retrained and learned new skills to be able to work in the energy industry.

2009 saw the first Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) ship, Tembek, berth at the South Hook LNG terminal. Along with Dragon LNG further up towards Waterston, Valero Pembroke Refinery, Valero Pembrokeshire Oil Terminal, Puma Energy and RWE’s Pembroke Power Station, Milford Haven really is a port of national significance. The infrastructure and fleets of tankers, tugs and pilot boats that move in our energy kingdom day in, day out, have a wide-reaching impact on the UK’s energy demands.

As well as the traditional energy industries, the future is looking bright in terms of the marine renewable energy which is developing off our coastline. With technology developers and supply chain businesses all working together with Marine Energy Wales to establish Wales as global leader in sustainable marine energy generation, making a significant contribution to a low carbon economy.

We’re even at the forefront of the future of the way we will fuel our cars in the future, with a new hydrogen car refueller on Mackerel Quay.

To follow the Energy Kingdom trail, keep an eye out for the yellow lamppost banners which go across Mackerel Quay. There are small signs on the same lampposts with QR codes, which will take you to the full stories created by the talented pupils from Milford Haven School as part of Milford Youth Matters’ project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Download the Heritage Walking Trails leaflet >

Darllenwch straeon y Deyrnas Ynni yn Gymraeg >

Heritage walking trail partners

These stories have been researched and written by the pupils of Milford Haven School, who have used their creativity to tell the stories of Milford Haven’s history in their own words.


* The areas marked in blue are owned and managed by Milford Waterfront. These areas can accommodate in excess of 300 cars between them. Some may be closed off from time to time for events, but other than that they are free for anyone to use.

** The areas in red are owned and managed by the management companies of the seven residential blocks around Milford Waterfront. The spaces behind and between these blocks are reserved for residents only. A private parking enforcement company will be issuing fines to vehicles not showing residents’ parking permits in the spaces marked in red, so please don’t risk a fine – park in the blue areas on your visit.

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Discover Milford Haven

Three unique heritage walking trails which celebrate our town’s stories and sense of place have been created for everyone to enjoy by the young people of Milford Haven.

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