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The areas marked in blue are owned and managed by Milford Waterfront and unrestricted. These areas can accommodate in excess 300 cars between them. Some may be closed off from time to time for events, but other than that they are free for anyone to use.

The areas in red are owned and managed by the management companies of the seven residential blocks around Milford Waterfront. The spaces behind and between these blocks are reserved for residents only. A private parking enforcement company will be issuing fines to vehicles not showing residents’ parking permits in the spaces marked in red, so please don’t risk a fine – park in the unrestricted blue areas on your visit.

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Tourist Information
Toilets (summer only)
Bus Stop
Tesco Petrol Station
Railway Station
Picnic Area (summer only)
Free Visitor Parking
Restricted Parking
Sparkle with Santa
Next on: Saturday, 14 December 2019

Join us for an afternoon of festive family fun at Milford Waterfront on Saturday 14th December!

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Martha's Vineyard

We are a family-run bar and restaurant with a strong reputation for offering a warm welcome, great quality food and a relaxing atmosphere.

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