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The Old Smokehouse
Smokehouse Quay
Milford Haven
SA73 3BD

Healthaspire is run by Ellen Picton - a fully qualified and registered nutritionist.

Food has been used for thousands of years to heal many ailments and is still just as powerful today.

Nutrition can help with many health problems such as IBS, infertility, weight gain, PMT, menopause, headaches, insomnia, acne, eczema and joint pain plus many more.

Allergy testing is also available via hair analysis - by testing the hair we can see if there are vitamin or mineral deficiencies and food intolerances that could be causing you problems.

Weight loss classes using The Harcombe Diet also take place each week, based on eating real food to give real results.

Ellen is hugely passionate about using natural methods to help heal symptoms and has much support and knowledge to offer.

Get in contact to start your journey to a healthier you.

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