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You may not realise just how many businesses that make their own products right here at Milford Waterfront!

There is a great selection of businesses here, and even better, some of these businesses make their own products right on our doorstep. So far in this new series we have featured Trwffl who make their own handmade chocolates in-store, The Scoop who produce their very own brand of ice cream, and this week we’re excited to share the CUB3D’s production story!

Established in early 2020 by owners Lee and Nic, CUB3D is an independent clothing brand which started selling environmentally-friendly fashion online and due to a successful start, CUB3D opened their store here later that year, adding to the great range of shops at Milford Waterfront.

CUB3D is an earth aware brand that conscientiously obtains its garments from sustainable and eco-friendly sources with 80% of their offerings being of an environmentally-friendly nature.

All of their designs and branding is done on site right here at Milford Waterfront. They do everything from sewing to garment printing, and will soon be introducing some new lines of screen printed items which will open up a whole new realm of design possibility.

So, what types of handmade garments can I buy from CUB3D? They sell many products including t-shirts (which are 100% recycled), hoodies, jumpers, bobble hats, knitted hats, caps, belts, wallets and even iPad cases too.

They are always developing new ranges, so why not pop in when you’re visiting Milford Haven? We’re sure you’ll agree there’s no better place to shop for environmentally-friendly clothing! As we like to say…be there, or be CUB3D!

We look forward to featuring more businesses over the next few months who produce their products right here at Milford Waterfront!

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