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We regularly feature the people behind the businesses at Milford Waterfront. We speak to everyone from artists and chefs to personal trainers to learn about their special skills and talents, their favourite dishes/items for sale, what they enjoy most about working at Milford Waterfront and lots more!

This month we speak to Owen Grey, the Owner of OG Barbers, proud to be Milford Waterfront’s only dedicated barbershop that opened in March 2021. Confident in all aspects of barbering, they provide a wide range of professional services including standard cuts, skin fades and beard trims too. We loved finding out that Owen chose to follow his passion for barbering and opened his first shop at Milford Waterfront!

What is the best thing about working at Milford Waterfront?

The view for me is outstanding, especially on a sunny day. I’m not sure you would find a better view at another barbershop in the whole county. Not just that, I also love the togetherness of all the businesses. Everyone is very friendly and helps each other out as much as possible which, as a new business owner, is great!

Is there anything people should know about OG Barbers that they may not know?

Not so much about the business but about myself, I have a degree in Marine Sports Science from Plymouth University. However, I chose a different path and followed my passion for hair and barbering, along with some interesting personal hairstyles along the way!

Have you got any special skills or talents?

I have over 5 years of barbering experience and I am confident in all aspects of barbering. In my spare time, I enjoy many sports including football and triathlons where I put my other skills to good use.

What is your favourite haircut to give and why?

I do not have a favourite cut in particular, however haircuts are always changing and evolving and that’s what makes this job so enjoyable. Styles change and so does the preferred cuts. It is great to be able to cut all hair short or long to a great standard and ultimately, to make people happy.

What has been your favourite day in work and why?

My favourite day in work so far has to be my first day opening in March 2021, looking out across the marina and realising that I have achieved my goals of opening my own barbershop. I hope there are many more great memories to come and I look forward to being part of Milford Waterfront as it continues to develop.

OG Barbers

If you’re looking for a high-quality haircut in a welcoming and friendly environment, look no further than OG Barbers!

Established in March 2021 by owner Owen Grey, OG Barbers is proud to be the only dedicated barbershop at Milford Waterfront. Confident in all aspects of barbering, they provide a wide range of professional services including standards cuts, fades, skin fades and beard trims too.

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