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Woof woof! I’m Danny the Dog and this is what I got up to when I visited Milford Waterfront with my paw-rents on National Dog Day…

Like a lot of other doggies, I loved getting some fresh air by the sea when I went on a walk trying out the new walking route called Wander around the Waterfront, a nice short route to stretch my four legs. I barked ‘hello’ to some of my fur-iends who were also on their daily walks, all on our leads of course, so we can stay close to our parents! We also walked past All Pets Vet Care which is where I go for my check-ups, I know if I’m ever feeling poorly the team there would look after me as their veterinary knowledge is second to none.

Along the way, we also spotted the Heritage Walking Trails and explored Milford Haven’s fascinating story which was paw-some! Whilst my parents scanned the QR codes on the signs to find out more, I had a refreshment break and enjoyed some much-needed water from the doggy bowl outside Talouies – my favourite part of the walk!

I sniffed out that many of the restaurants love welcoming me into their dog-friendly restaurants and outside dining areas and sometimes give me a pet on the back when I wag my tail and give them the puppy eyes…it always works. The smell of fresh pupp-eroni when sitting at an outside table at Impasto Pizza Bar gets my belly rumbling every time – sometimes I even get a bite of the crusts under the table when I’m being a good boy! Today in particular, I loved going into Sugar Loaf to get my puppuccino (a delicious cappuccino but for dogs) to get a boost of energy after my walk.

On our visit, my owners forgot their dog waste bags, which isn’t like them. Luckily, they could get a free dog waste bag from one of the dispensers on site to clean up my mess, they really a-pup-reciated this, and all of the bins on site as well.

The last activity of the day I got to sit down at the picnic benches to enjoy my favourite dog-friendly treat ‘Scoop Dog – Ice Cream for Doggos’ from The Scoop Ice Cream & Parlour, it’s always paw-some! I also enjoy the ice cream at The Cheesy Cow too.

Just a very short walk from here, I love looking through the railings at the Floatel Cabins, to see other dogs on holiday at Morlo and Sybil. If I’m a good boy, hopefully I’ll get to stay there one day and watch the fish swimming by.

And that’s why I love my visits to Milford Waterfront!

Discover new dog-friendly walks

Milford Waterfront has lots of interesting walks around and connecting to it. From woodland walks to paddling in the waterway, your pooch has plenty of new places to explore with a visit to Milford Haven.

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