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As you may know, this year we are celebrating Milford Marina’s 30th Anniversary. In celebration of this and continuing to share Milford Waterfront’s development story, in this blog post, we explore the rich history of Barrallier House.

Following on from the story of Cleddau House last month, we thought it would be fitting to share the story of Barrallier House. It was one of the most notable buildings of Milford Docks pre-1991 and is one of the oldest buildings here at Milford Waterfront. From being in the midst of what once was a booming fishing market dating back to the early 1900s, now still standing at the heart of our vibrant waterfront destination, overlooking the historic Milford Haven Waterway, Barrallier House has stood tall through all of the developments over the years.

Built back in 1907 (the date can still be seen at the top of the building), the ‘Cosalt Building’ started out as a busy ships’ stores and chandlery, where the hard-working men involved in the fishing industry in Milford Haven came to buy ropes, buoys, nets, tools, oil skins, clogs and everything else they needed to keep the fishing industry thriving, whilst upstairs was where the braiding rooms were located. Whilst the men went out to sea, their wives, mothers and daughters busily braided the nets and ropes they used to land their catch. Milford Haven was renowned for being “Where fish comes from” and in its heyday, it was claimed that “every day was pay day” as the fishermen spent their wages in the town. Following the start of a decline in the fishing industry in the 1950s and the boom of the fledgling energy kingdom in Milford Haven, which today is still the UK’s largest energy port, many men involved in the fishing industry turned their skills to the petrochemical industry.

From its origins as the original Cosalt Building, Barrallier House has also accommodated children’s clothing shop, Cherubs, as well as a solicitors and a beauty salon to name just a few.

But, since 2015, Barrallier House has been home to one of Milford Waterfront’s most iconic restaurants, Foam. This popular local eatery not only serves ‘Instagrammable’ breakfasts, afternoon tea packages, mouth-watering food and fancy cocktails, but it also serves up uninterrupted, panoramic views of the Milford Haven Waterway. Striving to create the ultimate experience, Foam offers a modern event space with a glass room and outdoor seating where customers can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view. Foam also provides a bespoke service and can tailor menus based on your requirements, making it an ideal venue for wedding receptions, birthdays and baby showers to name just a few. This year, Foam have really upped their game, preparing to re-open once restrictions start to lift – they are nearing completion of a new outdoor bar and their innovative ‘Dining Domes’, giving customers the opportunity to dine in unique fashion with stunning views. How exciting!

Just next door is sister company to Foam, Sugar Loaf. This new deli and bakery serves a wide range of freshly-prepared, mouth-watering foods including delicious sandwiches, tasty pastries and delicious doughnuts, which are produced right here at Milford Waterfront in their very own Bake House. Sugar Loaf are proving themselves to be a must-try bakery not just for the residents of Milford Haven, but for the whole of Pembrokeshire. But you must be quick in the mornings if you hope to get your hands on their filled doughnuts, as they appear to be a popular choice selling out within just a few hours!

But Barrallier House is not just home to popular eateries, it’s also home to The Shores, our wonderful dog friendly self-catering holiday apartment (we’re not biased, see for yourself)! Laid out over three floors, The Shores has its own spacious kitchen and living room, a comfy king size bed to sleep two people and amazingly, access to an outside balcony overlooking the Milford Haven Waterway. Open all year round, you can enjoy the best of the summer months on a self-catering break in Pembrokeshire, and there’s even a roaring fire to snuggle up to over the winter too. The Shores is located above Foam, so you can soak up the atmosphere from your private balcony before heading down to enjoy dinner with a cocktail or two.

We look forward to sharing more stories of the development of Milford Waterfront throughout 2021.

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