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Milford Waterfront is surrounded by energy, whether it’s energy terminals, a power station or activities that require lots of human energy such as walking, running or cycling - it’s all around us! In fact, the Port of Milford Haven is the UK’s largest energy port, capable of delivering 30% of the UK gas demand, and the energy facilities based around the Milford Haven Waterway help supply 3.5 million homes with electricity.

In our latest activity book, we explore the different types of energy with a range of fun activities that focus on marine energy, human energy, wind energy and more! There’s even a quiz to learn about safety and how dangerous electricity can be, as well as an Energy Kingdom colouring page.

We’ve included some really interesting facts that you may not already know from Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum and Marine Energy Wales too.

We’ll also be teaching you how to make your own fortune teller on pages 2 and 3 where you can burn some human energy doing star jumps, cartwheels and sit ups, and also making a small windmill on page 6, we’re sure you’ll be a big fan!

If you would like to share any of your creations with us, tag @MilfordWaterfront as we’d love to see them.


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