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As we move through the ninth week of lockdown and many of us remain at home, it is important to ensure that we are looking after ourselves. Some of us may be finding it difficult to keep as active as we usually are, but just because we can’t go to the gym or take part in our favourite classes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t keep fit and healthy.

It can be hard finding the time and space to exercise at home, but if you can set aside 20 minutes of your day and make use of even the smallest space, you can keep yourself active which will not only benefit your physical health but it’s also a great way to reduce stress. ‘Stay positive’ is one of the key messages that we are hearing at the moment and we hope that these tips help you to do just that.

1. Yoga is perfect for the body and the mind

Practicing deep breathing, meditation and exercise increases flexibility and helps build strength. Yoga takes up very little room and if you don’t have a yoga mat, a soft carpet or blanket will do the trick. Whether you are a total beginner or an expert yogi, there are plenty of online materials available from YouTube videos to mobile applications giving you step by step poses leaving you feeling pretty zen!

2. Turn up your favourite tunes and get dancing

Whether you are into rock, pop or country music, dancing to your favourite songs can help you keep fit at home. You can even get your family members or housemates involved for extra fun! You don’t need to be a professional dancer either, just freestyle or follow some fun routines online. Why not try something new? If you have a willing dance partner at home you could try out swing or even salsa, maybe leave the iconic Dirty Dancing lift to the professionals though!

3. Feel happy with HIIT

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to work out if you are pressed for time. It consists of short bursts of fast exercises followed by a 15-30 second pause or a low intensity exercise, then repeating. This challenges your body by bringing your heart rate up and down repetitively. There are lots of guided HIIT workouts available online or you can make your own up by choosing your favourite moves like jumping jacks, squats or even running on the spot. Remember to warm up and stretch to avoid any injuries and listen to your body if you need a longer rest. If you need some motivation to kick start your fitness regime, or someone to be accountable to, get in touch with the team at B-Fit Health & Fitness Club. They offer a goal setting session, 2 coached sessions per week, nutrition setup and will keep you on track with weekly check ups with your coach for only £14 per week. To sign up or to find out more information get in touch with the team on Facebook.

4. Housework(out)

Who would have thought that cleaning the house during lockdown could help you to keep fit? Not all of us enjoy housework, but doing the laundry, scrubbing the bathroom or hoovering all count towards burning calories and keeping fit - so grab those marigolds and get to it! Did you know by mopping the floor you can burn up to 320 calories as well as working out your arms? Stripping your sheets, cleaning the windows and ironing are also great ways to stay in shape……plus you’ll have a squeaky-clean home too!

5. Keep an eye on your nutrition

Working out is only half the challenge of keeping fit and healthy during lockdown. Having the right diet is equally as important. This doesn’t mean that the food you eat has to be bland or boring, or that you have to throw away your beloved Jaffa Cakes (everyone looks forward to their cheat day), it’s all about the balance! There are lots of healthy recipes out there that are great nutritionally and taste fantastic too. If you need a little help with your nutrition, Ellen at Healthaspire offers bespoke nutrition plans, weight loss coaching and tasty ready meals!

We hope you enjoy these tips and feel motivated to get moving!

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