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Although it’s not the most important part of lockdown, many of us may be missing our favourite hair and beauty salons at the moment and need a helping hand to guide us. Using this extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to try out new products, switch up our usual skincare routine and most importantly, to look after ourselves.

Take a few tips from our Milford Waterfront hair and beauty experts at Van Dyk’s Hairdressing Salon, Salt Hair & Beauty and Aspire Beauty by Carly. We are all in this together!

Van Dyk’s Hairdressing Salon’s top tips!

  • Even if your current colour may be fading or growing out, try at all costs to avoid using a box dye - the colours are mass produced and don’t take into account your personal variables such as hair type and colour. You could end up making it much worse than it already is.
  • If your roots are starting to come through try parting your hair in a zig-zag pattern, this will hide those dreaded roots! Van Dyk’s highly recommend the L’Oreal Root Touch-Up products which you can pick up in most supermarkets or order online.
  • To help with split ends, try using a good conditioning treatment which will smooth down the ends and add nourishment. At all costs avoid using heated styling tools as these will only further damage your hair.
  • If you are tempted to trim your fringe then only do it when it’s dry, if you try to cut it whilst it’s wet you may end up with it being too short when it’s dried. Instead of cutting it, why not try some new hairstyles such as clipping it up and holding with plenty of hairspray?

Salt Hair & Beauty’s top tips!

  • Wearing sunscreen is essential in everyday life, whether rain or shine. UV rays account for up to 90% of ageing and travel through glass even when it's cloudy, so invest in a good SPF to help look after your skin.
  • Although it can be tempting to dive into bed after a long day, taking a few minutes to remove all of your make up before bed is the KEY to getting bright and clear complexion. Sleeping in your make up can age you by 7 years. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.
  • Drink enough water, it has many benefits and by staying hydrated you can increase elasticity in your skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Water also helps flush out any nasty toxins in your body. 6-8 glasses of water is recommended a day.
  • Now we are staying in for longer why not try leaving bigger gaps between washing your hair. Your hair's natural oils will improve dryness and shine leaving you with healthier looking locks.

Salt Hair & Beauty are stockists of AlumierMD skin care and are offering delivery of skincare purchases by contacting the team via Instagram or Facebook. You can also get 10% off any Peacci nail products by using their special offer code PEACCIHC5GGW5BG.

Aspire Beauty by Carly’s top tips!

  • Beauty sleep is one of the best things for our physical and mental health, not to mention the time our body needs to repair and recover. Carly recommends getting at least 7 hours a night, and if you struggle nodding off there is a brilliant free little widget from Dermalogica which plays 20 minutes of sleep music which really does do the trick.
  • As we’ve had some great weather recently, some of you may be getting dry and dehydrated skin which can lead to breakouts. The key products for a basic skin care regime would be a good cleanser used twice a day, exfoliating as often as recommended by your skin therapist, toner for extra hydration and moisturiser that suits your individual skin type.
  • Now is the best time to master make up techniques we don’t normally have time to do which can also make you feel a little better when you are feeling a bit yuck! Head over to the Mii Cosmetics website and have a look at their fabulous makeup range, and use the code asp035 in the VIP code box for a nice little discount. Carly also has a limited stock available for delivery and is happy to assist and advise on what product would be best for you.
  • As tempting as it is, don’t pick your gels off! Pulling product off your nails whether it be shellac, gel or acrylic is very damaging to your nail plate and can take a long time to grow out, and can leave your nail quite sensitive and sore. Jessica cosmetics offers a great selection of nail treatments, home kits and colours. Use the code asp035 in the VIP promo box for 20% off anything you purchase.

Feel free to contact Carly via the Aspire Beauty Facebook page for any skin care concerns, consultations and advice.

All three businesses at Milford Waterfront look forward to welcoming customers new and old for all hair and beauty needs when they are able to do so. Until then stay safe and enjoy your tops tips!

Milford Haven continues to deliver

Many of the businesses in Milford Haven have adapted where possible to continue to offer their products and services to the local community in new ways, so we have collated as much information as possible to support the local business community.

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