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Each month we will be giving you the chance to find out about the people behind the businesses at Milford Waterfront. We'll be speaking to everyone from artists and chefs to personal trainers to learn about their special skills and talents, their favourite dishes/items for sale, what they enjoy most about working at Milford Waterfront and lots more!

This month we speak to Charlie Braddick, Personal Trainer at B-Fit Health & Fitness Club where the team are fully committed to helping people with their general health and fitness, weight loss and muscle gain. They offer a range of packages including personal training, small group coaching and endurance training.

What is the best thing about working at Milford Waterfront?

It feels like everyone is really supporting each other. There’s a real community spirit and a lot of our members actually come from the offices based all around us. We love to collaborate with the other businesses based here such as COCO’s Restaurant, Martha’s Vineyard, Pebbles and many more.

Is there anything people should know about B-Fit Health & Fitness Club that they may not know?

We’re not just a gym, we’re all about lifestyle coaching and supporting people to lead a healthier lifestyle. We want to help people to get stronger, generally fitter and offer in-depth technique coaching.

We also launched a running club at the beginning of the year with 3 different levels; 2.5km, 5km and 10km. It takes place at 6:45pm on a Tuesday and is a great way of working towards doing Milford Waterfront parkrun, which takes place every Saturday morning, or a perfect complement to our strength and conditioning small group classes.

Have you got any special skills or talents?

I have just finished my level 3 qualification in Pre and Post Natal Studies and really enjoy working with women who want to start exercising again, improve their general health, fitness and begin to build their strength after having a baby.

We provide a safe and relaxed atmosphere with like-minded individuals and encourage and welcome children and babies into our gym with open arms as we are aware of the pressures and time constraints on new mums.

I have also just got my Exercise and Physical Activity for children so that we can re-launch Kids Fit which I am very excited about.

I pride myself on being very personable and easy to get along with. I can make people feel at ease which is key in this environment.

What is your favourite package at B-Fit Health & Fitness Club and why?

I really enjoy the small group coaching sessions which can accommodate up to 8 people. It’s great seeing people progress, learning how to squat properly, seeing people get stronger and their posture improve too. It’s really rewarding, and people tend to thrive in these settings where they are encouraging other members of the group and spurring each other on.

What has been your favourite day at work and why?

I have quite a few, but most recently it has to be a lovely lady who I met about 12 months ago. She had never been to a gym before or lifted, with approaching 60 she wanted to get stronger and improve her overall health and fitness. We set a goal for her to lift over 60kg and she recently lifted 67kg before the target date. She was amazed at herself and never thought that she would achieve, let alone exceed the goal. That was a combination of everyone that works at B-Fit Health & Fitness Club and a real sense of pride and achievement for the whole team.

B-Fit Health & Fitness Club

Also known as ‘the gym for people who hate gyms’, B-Fit Health & Fitness Club opened its doors to the people of Pembrokeshire back in 2016 and has been instrumental in thousands of phenomenal success stories ever since.

Velluto Gelato

Artisan gelateria offering homemade gelato, waffles, milkshakes, coffee, cakes, pastries and slices, owned by Neapolitan pizza specialists Impasto Pizza Bar.

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