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Each month we will be giving you the chance to find out about the people behind the businesses at Milford Waterfront. We'll be speaking to everyone from artists and chefs to personal trainers to learn about their special skills and talents, their favourite dishes/items for sale, what they enjoy most about working at Milford Waterfront and lots more!

This month we speak to Kate Barnard who is a waitress at Spinnaker Cafe, where the team are known for their delicious homemade cakes and hearty Sunday Roasts. The Spinnaker Cafe are currently offering a free home delivery service every Wednesday and Sunday including home made meals, Sunday lunches and cakes, and are looking forward to re-opening as soon as they are able to.

What is the best thing about working at Milford Waterfront?

The best thing about working at Milford Waterfront is being able to interact with such a variety of people. Meeting people from all over the world who have come to our town on holiday and share their stories is such an interesting part of the job and one that you don’t always think about before taking on the role. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to make genuine friendships with our regular customers which shows the sense of community here.

Is there anything people should know about Spinnaker Cafe that they may not know?

I think people should know that the business is a family business. Although we are not related, our staff look after each other as if they were. This makes the atmosphere, for both staff and customers warm and friendly where we can all have a laugh while enjoying a home cooked meal.

Have you got any special skills or talents?

I’ve developed the skill of being able to work under pressure and use my initiative. I’ve also developed the skill of knowing which song is coming next on the CD and now know the words to most songs from the 1960s and 70s.

What is your favourite dish/item at Spinnaker Cafe and why?

My favourite item on the menu is definitely lasagne. The portion size is incredible and as it is home made it makes it taste even nicer. If I’ve got any room left after the meal, or if I’ve just come out for a hot chocolate with friends then my go to choice is definitely the gluten free lemon drizzle cake which I usually have with a side of ice cream, just to add to my sweet tooth cravings! It tastes just like my Nan used to make!

What has been your favourite day in work and why?

My favourite day in work by far is working on Christmas Eve. The excitement and seeing customers coming in ready for Christmas Day makes the shift go by so much quicker than any other day. We all dress up in our Christmas t-shirts and get into the spirit, often playing innocent jokes on our colleagues and singing Christmas songs. It's a really special day and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else on Christmas Eve!

Spinnaker Cafe

The Spinnaker Cafe is known for its delicious homemade cakes, chips and Sunday Roasts as well as their friendly welcome to all.

The cafe is currently closed due to COVID-19 but are still offering takeaways of their special menu and offer free delivery on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Dilly’s Chocolates

Discover handcrafted chocolates in a variety of indulgent flavours, chocolate bars, seasonal specials, chocolate sticks and love spoons, all made in Pembrokeshire.

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