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Each month we will be giving you the chance to find out about the people behind the businesses at Milford Waterfront. We'll be speaking to everyone from artists and chefs to personal trainers to learn about their special skills and talents, their favourite dishes/items for sale, what they enjoy most about working at Milford Waterfront and lots more!

February 2019


Michael Turpin and Loren Mulholland

Job Role


What is the best thing about working at Milford Waterfront?

We would rather say the best THINGS!

Firstly the scenery - there aren't many places in Pembrokeshire that would be better to look out at when we are working.

Secondly, the variety of food at Milford Waterfront is now the best in Pembrokeshire (in our opinion). To be amongst 10 different restaurants / cafes within a few hundred yards of each other is amazing. We all complement each other and all have our place. We frequently eat at each place ourselves which shows how highly we think of them.

Is there anything people should know about Impasto Pizza Bar that they may not know?

We make our dough fresh each and every day. We get a lot of compliments about our dough specifically. We think it’s the time we put into making this and the long, slow prove that makes our dough stand out.

What is your favourite dish at Impasto Pizza Bar, and why?

Our favourite dish is of course one of our pizzas. It’s close, but ‘The Snow White’ probably tops our list. This has a creamy white base of mozzarella and ricotta, smokey prosciutto, pan fried mushrooms and finished with cracked black pepper and fresh parmesan. The lightness of the ingredients really shows off our dough. When you think of pizza you usually think of a tomato base and that's one of the reasons why ‘The Snow White’ is top of our list. With the creamy base and the flavours of the toppings, the aim was to mimic a carbonara taste on a pizza. We have better sellers on the menu, but for its distinct flavour ‘The Snow White’ is our favourite.

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