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At Milford Waterfront we have many talented and inspirational individuals, one of which is Anna Waters. Anna is known for her beautiful contemporary art, capturing light and movement within her work bringing scenes of the idyllic landscapes and seascapes of Pembrokeshire to life on a canvas. We asked Anna how it all began and what exactly is so special about Pembrokeshire’s epic seascapes. Here’s what she said…

Despite a life-long passion for drawing and painting, my first career was spent teaching. While nurturing the talents of others certainly has its rewards, I’d always wanted to follow my own creative path; it was my move to Pembrokeshire in 2004 that finally set me upon this.

It was successive childhood holidays in the county that cemented my dream of one day living near its wonderful beaches. On fulfilling that dream, I was so inspired by my environment that I couldn’t help but reach for my brushes. For me, Pembrokeshire brims with beauty; sunsets, stormy skies and even snow, bring magical transformations to our vast sandy beaches, cliffs and coves; serving up a lifetime of wonderment for any artist but it’s the sea in particular, that has become my obsession.

Capturing the movement, the light…something of the essence of the sea…in paint, is my obsession

Anna Waters

No matter what happens in life, being at the waters’ edge, watching wave after wave roll in, crash onto the rocks and expose and reclaim our beaches, brings balance and rationality to my existence. For me, being at the water’s edge is certainly therapeutic and our incredible west coast sunsets often make it both magical and spiritual.

Capturing the movement, the light…something of the essence of the sea…in paint, is my obsession. The west coast of Pembrokeshire lies just a short trip from my studio at Milford Waterfront; West Dale, Marloes, Musselwick, Broadhaven, Druidston Haven and Newgale Sands offer all I could ever need to fuel that obsession.

I’m currently working on a collection of paintings from the waters’ edge for a solo exhibition at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery. The exhibition opens Friday 15th June and runs until the end of July. Anyone interested in my work can follow my progress via Facebook at Anna Waters – Studio/Gallery, Twitter @Annas_paintings, Instagram @annas_paintings or call into my Studio/Gallery at Victory House on Milford Waterfront. For further information about my work in general, exhibiting galleries and commissions, please see

Anna Waters Studio & Gallery

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