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To celebrate St David's Day we've teamed up with the Crow's Nest Cafe to bring you their recipe for making the popular Welsh dish, Cawl.


Serves: 6 - 8
Cooking time: 3 hours


400g diced lamb
3 carrots (chopped in 250ml water)
1 swede (chopped in 250ml water)
2 leeks (chopped in 250ml water)
6 white potatoes (diced in 250ml water)
1 sachet of Crofter's Vegetable Soup Mix
2 Oxo Lamb Cubes


1. Cook the lamb in 500ml of boiling water for 1 hour on a medium/high heat

2. Add the swede along with the water and cook for another 30 minutes

3. Pour in the carrots with water and cook for another 30 minutes before adding the potatoes and half of the leeks (along with the water), and season with salt, pepper and the Oxo cubes

4. Mix in the Crofter's Soup Mix and cook for another 30 minutes before adding the remaining leeks and finish off by cooking for an extra 20 minutes 

5. Serve with bread and cheese

You can find Cawl on the menu at the Crow's Nest Cafe all year round!

Let us know if you try the recipe by posting on social media using the hashtags #LoveMW and #MilfordWaterfront

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